Strange world-famous shipwrecks with a history

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In ancient times, powerful naval forces were able to navigate and dominate the oceans with their attacking powers. Today, however, such powerful ships are located in a quiet area under the sea. Some ships were damaged by the storm, while others sank in ports and remain a beautiful part of the archipelago. This article gives you a brief overview on fraudulent ships.

(1) Floating forest in Australian mythology

Named the SS Ayrfield, it had a thrilling past and served as a naval officer on the battlefield during World War II. In 1970, the ship was transported to the cemetery in the Olympic Village in Sydney. At the 2000 Olympics, the ship was transformed into a beautiful island with foreign tourists.

(2) 16th-century Swedish sailors

The 16th-century Mars, the largest ship carrying 107 weapons, sank in the deepest part of the Baltics Sea 10 miles off the island of Oland. It sank on March 31, 1564, when it was attacked by three enemy warships.

(3) A fishing boat off Charlton Island, New Zealand

The small islands in the Chattanooga archipelago have a population of about 600. Until the discovery of the island in the 16th century, the island remained unchanged. It is very lonely with the sea and the breeze. Here, fishing is a major commercial business. The shipwreck, faithfully working with fishermen, still lingers in the waves.

(4) A ship sinking in Antarctica

The wrecked Brazilian ship was a wreck in Ardley Bay. The crew of the ship was forced to leave the ship because of strong winds and rough seas while the crew was filming a documentary.

(5) A strange ghost ship from the United States

Called the Circle Line V, it was designed to patrol the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It was built in Wilmington in 1902 and changed ownership several times over the next 80 years.

(6) A boat sinking in Colombia

The wooden boat has been under water since 1929, and its wreck remains as a memorial to it.

(7) Australian floating hospital ship

During World War I, the SS Maheno was a hospital in the ocean. He disappeared when he was brought to settle near Japan and was found a few days later. The ship was also wrecked during a severe storm on a desert island near Australia. The sailors waited three days for rescuers to arrive. The rescue squad was called to the scene and the boat was evacuated.

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